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    Requests for Proposals (RFP) are often put together by a company looking for a new trade show booth design or exhibit provider. We accept RFP and RFI requests throughout the year.

    Make Sure Your RFP Includes:
    • Provide your exact budget so that we know what is, and what isn’t within your budget. We need to know what you can afford, so that we can provide you with what is realistically possible.
    • Include any other constraints by the venue (or venues) in which you will be exhibiting at.
    • Provide at least a little bit of direction for the design. Marketing materials or a general idea of what you are looking for are a great start.
    What To Expect From Us:
    • We will provide you with a set of basic ideas and designs based on the information included in your RFP. These will be a starting point that will likely change if and when, you choose Focus Displays as your exhibit partner and begin the full process of a construction-ready design.
    • Remember, when you choose a trade show booth design proposal in response to your RFP, you are not just picking it for the design, you are also choosing that company as your trade show partner.
    • You’ll be working closely with any company you select, so it is important that you consider all facets of the project (design, construction, reputation, etc.).
    • At Focus Displays, our job is to take your trade show marketing goals, plus the constraints that you’re working with (space, budget, etc.) and translate them into a finished tradeshow solution.