Artwork Guidelines

Preflight Checklist
  • Resolution: 125 DPI at 100%
  • Color Mode: CMYK
  • Preferred File Types: .AI
  • Acceptable File Types:  .PDF
  • Fonts: Outlined
  • Images: Embedded

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Graphic artwork process

Artwork is not required at the time of order. However, providing artwork separately may push back the estimated ship date, which assumes print-ready artwork will be submitted at time of order.

Preparing your artwork

  1. If your graphics are ready, set up your artwork to the specifications in our graphic templates available on each product page as well at the bottom of this page.
  2. You can choose to upload to our FTP site or mail a CD with your artwork.

Working with Focus Displays to create artwork

If you would like help creating your artwork you may request design services. A member from our friendly design team will contact you within 24 hours of  your request to begin discussing the design. A design fee will be added to the order and at least one additional day will be added to the lead time.

Acceptable file format: .AI

adobe-illustrator Adobe Illustrator: An illustration program used for print, multimedia and online graphics. Can create vector-based graphics that can be scaled up without losing clarity. It also allows us to color match these elements quickly since they are fully editable. Raster-based images and Photoshop elements can also be placed into an Illustrator file. Most preferred file formats: High Quality Editable .AI (.PDF or .EPS acceptable but not preferred).AI file too large? Uncheck “Create PDF Compatible File” to reduce the file size. We do not need the file to be PDF compatible since we have Adobe Illustrator.


Color specifications

All of the printers used at Focus Displays are CMYK-based printers. This means that we print your graphic using Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black colored inks, otherwise known as Process colors.

We guarantee color matching on all orders with requested hard copy proofs, when Pantone colors are specified or when we receive client-supplied graphics for color matching. Orders without requested hard copy proofs, without indication of Pantone colors, or client supplied graphics or color matching are not guaranteed for color.

Please supply all vector files (Illustrator and InDesign) in CMYK format and all raster artwork (Photoshop files, jpgs, tiffs) in RGB format for the most accurate color output.

Please note:

  • Files sent in without color matching instructions will print as is.
  • Color output will vary from what you see on your screen due to our printer profiling, substrates and inks.
  • If color matching is critical, a color swatch can be sent in for color matching. Please refer to the Client Supplied Graphics section for more information

Color matching

We work to make sure that you get exactly what you want when you order through Focus Displays. If you want to ensure that colors on your newly purchased display match something else exactly – like a complementing table cloth or a company logo – provide us with a Pantone Color, send in a color swatch for us to match to or request hard copy proofs to make sure the color is just right.

If You Have Pantone Colors

  • All critical colors must be called out in the file as Solid Coated Pantone swatches.
  • Do not convert to CMYK. Keeping the Pantone swatch intact in the file allows us to quickly identify where critical color matching is needed.
  • Our preflight team will then take these colors and match the Pantone book swatches to the exact material of your printed graphic, ensuring the closest match achievable.

Client Supplied Graphics for Color Matching

Want to make sure the color of your logo on your banner stand exactly matches the color of the logo on a brochure? No problem! Send us a sample of the graphic color output that you are looking to achieve and we can color match as close as possible. Client-supplied graphic samples can be anything from a previously printed banner stand graphic to a brochure or folder.

In order for us to color match, we ask that you send us the following:

  • All files that require color matching in editable layered files.
  • All support artwork, such as linked images and any and all fonts

While not required, we do strongly suggest that you receive hard copy proofs of your artwork if color matches are critical to make sure you are completely satisfied with our color matching.

Support artwork

We ask that all support artwork be packaged with your final print file to ensure proper file output. This refers to all font files and linked image files. The shipping date may be compromised if these files are not supplied for graphics that require minor adjustments, design time or color matching prior to printing.

Font requirements

Fonts: Traditionally defined as a specific typeface in a specific point size and style

  • Fonts must be sent with the print files since we do not have every font option in our database.
  • If you do not require changes to your text during preflight, fonts may be created to outlines to keep in tact (see example below)




Linked images:

These refer to any images that are placed into an Illustrator or InDesign file. We will not be able to proceed with preflighting if one of these elements is missing. We also require these to be sent if we are color matching to an existing graphic. That way we can adjust the color in these images accordingly. Images can be embedded into the file if we are printing the file as is.





Resolution is the term used to describe the number of pixels used to display an image. Higher resolutions mean that more pixels are used to create the image, resulting in a crisper, clearer graphic.

PPI = Pixels per Inch: used when referring to the resolution of an image on screen.
DPI = Dots per Inch: used when referring to the resolution of a printed graphic or printer output.




For best results, we recommend that all image files be sent at a resolution of 100 – 120 ppi at 100% print size for a crisper, clearer image output.

Proofing process


Focus Displays will send free e-proofs for all graphic orders we process. E-proofs are sent in electronic jpg format. Please note:

  • E-proofs should be reviewed for layout purposes only
  • E-proofs are low-res and NOT representative of color output or resolution

Hard copy proofs:

For a small fee, you may upgrade to receive a hard-copy proof to review layout, color and resolution. Hard copy proofs consist of a printed color layout and magnification test of the art file on the same material as the final product. Please note:

  • Hard copy proofs are a flat fee and include Priority Overnight shipping.
  • Adding hard copy proofs to an order will add at least 2 days to the turn time of your order.

How to add hard copy proofs to your order

Turnaround times

Focus Displays has some of the most competitive turnaround times in the industry. All production times listed below are based on final artwork proof approval. The quality of the artwork will affect the time it takes to prepare files for print.

  • 24 hours. The amount of time it takes for our team to preflight and proof regular orders once the order has been submitted.
  • 48 hours. The amount of time it takes for our team to preflight and proof large orders once the order has been submitted.
  • Proofs. Electronic proofs are sent for all graphic jobs. Hard copy proofs are sent upon request with an additional charge.
  • Rush orders. We’ll do our best to get you what you need when you need it. Call us and talk to our customer service representatives to see if we can rush your order to meet your deadline. Additional charges may be applied.