Better to Rent or Buy Furniture for Trade Shows?

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At Focus Displays, we are often asked if it is better to rent or buy furniture for trade shows? While there is no set answer to this question, it is often more cost effective and efficient to rent furniture. However, this may not be the case for your organization if certain aspects are present. Contact us today to discuss your furniture rental needs in more detail and see what route is a better one for you.


As the company’s design/brand evolves so can the furniture.
Lower initial investment.
No need to worry about storing/shipping throuhgout the year.
With so many options rental furniture can mirror the exhibit design or theme at each show.
Rental furniture shows up when you need it (usually palletized) and disappears when you don’t.
Rental furniture arrives clean and freshly packaged every time.


The initial investment of purchasing the furniture is often higher to buy vs rent.
You may need additional pallets or custom crates built to ship your furniture.
The cost to store it in a warehouse between shows and events.
Risk of  hidden pitfalls like the furniture you purchase a year ago being discontinued or no longer available.
Chairs, couches, cabinets do not usually break down into small easy sizes. Think when you try and return IKEA furniture after already building it.
All the wear and tear from shows and events adds up to a not-so-small sum that might otherwise be put toward renting fresh furnishings that look like new.